Steel Toad Saison Sauvignon

A recent best friend road trip to Vancouver lead us to several good eats and good brews. My girl couldn't have said it better, "Vancouver is full of good food, good beer, and good-looking people".  Vancouver is so close to Seattle and has familiar Pacific Northwest culture so we completely forgot that we're actually travelling into an international country, which means minimal cell use. Without the ability to use our phones for maps and beer recommendations,  this trip was one of true exploration.  Our first stop was at Steel Toad brewery in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood. 


Steel Toad // Saison Sauvignon // Vancouver, BC                                                                                                                 6.5%

Color: Hazy, canary yellow, saturated straw. 

Smell: Wine wine barrels, farmhouse funk, tropical fruits

Taste: Up front it is fresh but the fruit end note is delectable and not as crisp as a typical saison. It takes on the smooth, palatable finish of a white wine. Tropical fruit comes from a mix of the sauvignon blanc and New Zealand hops. 

Overall: The herbaceous characteristics of sauv blanc mixed with the tropical hops and baseline saison essence makes this a great afternoon brew to share with a friend on vacation.