Russian River STS Pils

A trip back home to Northern California means a break from PNW style beers (which apparently I'm really good at doing) to visit Russian River Brewing Co right down the road in Santa Rosa, California. And luckily since I made the drive back to Seattle, I could bring as many bottles of beer (and wine) back with me as I pleased. Russian River adapted the Eastern European style of brewing to craft this dynamic and delicious pilsner. If you think pilsners are weak and unexciting, I suggest searching outside the American pilsner style. 


Russian River Brewing // STS Czech Style Pilsner // Santa Rosa, CA // 5.3% ABV

Color: Translucent (though it is unfiltered), bright, straw-yellow

Smell: Toasted pale malt, summer grain, yeast

Taste: This is a pilsner with a kick! Mellow at first with a bubbly mouthfeel and ends in  grassy bitterness. 

Overall: Summer in a bottle. When you get into craft beer sometimes it's hard to go back to the more mellow lager. But Russian River proves they kickass at brewing any beer, lager or ale. Next time you're at your favorite brewery go for the lager and see what quality you'll taste.