Randall Session Ale with Dill

Dear fellow craft beer drinkers: it has been a while since I've posted. And guess what happens when you take a hiatus then try to get back into the blogging game. You forget what the hell you're doing! So here's a sloppy post about late summer infusions that is already outdated by the time this will be published. 

While running around town on my day off I stopped into Fremont Brewing for a late September afternoon brew before finishing up boring adult errands. I noticed a Randall brew on tap and had to go for it. Unfortunately, I can't remember if it was a Fremont beer or a guest tap (possibly from Bellingham). Subsequently I didn't write down the ABV, the official name, or even where it's from. So you're just going to have to trust me on this one (real professional, I know). 


 Randall Session Ale with Dill //Tapped at Fremont Brewing                                                                                       ?? ABV // ?? IBU

What is a Randall? A Randall is a device invented by the beer-geniuses at Dogfish Head Brewing out in Delaware. It is a double chambered filter that infused flavor into beer. This device is a hop transducer that help enhance the flavors in brews and helps with beer to hop contact. In most cases, hops are put in the chamber  to create a more hop-centric beer. But it can also be used for flavor infusion. examples include espresso beans, wood chips, orange peels, and in this case, dill. Without further ado, the review: 

Color: dark golden straw with auburn tint. 

Smell:  Fresh hop, dill weed, vinegar, and lemon zest. 

Taste: You get that dill pickle flavor right up front! But it isn't overwhelming as it ends clean with a light citrus note and hop bitterness. It's like drinking up the last of Summer. 

Overall: I'm always down for a brew that's doing something different. And using a randall is the best way to do it. The second I saw it on the tap list I knew I  had to get a pint. It might be because I love anything pickled. Or it might be because I'm getting really exited about all the preserves that come along with the start of Fall. Either way - this is a fun session that you might not find anywhere else or ever again. But this what craft brewing is all about! Push the boundaries and create something different. Even if people aren't that into it, at least you're not brewing another run-of-the-mill IPA.