Postmark Winter Wheat


Postmark Brewing // Winter Wheat Ale // Vancouver, BC                                                                                                       5.8% // 15 IBU

Postmark Brewing is a brilliant brew hall tucked in the corners of the eastside of downtown Vancouver. Almost missing the industrial building, I was taken aback by the subtle artistic architectural details. And once inside, it's a warm welcome: high ceilings, small decorative details, a painting of Leonardo DiCaprio in an Nepoleanic era. In the spirit of vacation, I opted for the only seasonal ale on the list. 

Color: Golden, light amber, not hazy - an indication of filtration.  

Smell: Mild malts, wheaty, grassy. 

Taste: Light winter spices make it a little bolder than most wheats. Still holds the average wheat characteristics, only in a slightly heavier winter style. 

Overall: It's supposed to be a winter ale but tastes more like a good summer ale. Without the title it would have been hard to distinguish this as a winter seasonal. My guesses are it had to be filtered because of it being brewed with spices, taking away some of the flavor. But it's a simple, conversationalist's beer.