Portland Beer Adventures

Last weekend I took a trip down to Portland. As a PNW transplant I've had yet to explore this city so I tried to explore different neighborhoods. Sadly, it wasn't a beer-exclusive weekend and I didn't get to go to as many breweries as I wanted. But I will give a couple quick snippets of what I did enjoy while I was there! 

Migration Brewing

The first neighborhood I went to was Kerns. Mostly for the fact that there was a piercing shop I wanted to go to so I could have my septum pierced (and look like every other basic in Seattle ). And on the same block was Migration Brewing! So I stopped in for a pint of the Luscious Lupulin IPA

Migration Brewing // Luscious Lupulin IPA // Portland, OR // ABV: 6.6 // IBU:77

This dark golden IPA smelled yeasty, weedy, and dank. The hops were definitely the star of the show! So freakin tasty. But for a decent IBU, the hop bitterness was not overwhelming-mild by Portland standards. But it was perfect for an afternoon brew on a sunny day. 

Brew Fact: Did you know that Portland, OR has the most breweries  than any other city in the world? Of course you did! Why would anyone without that knowledge be on a Pacific Northwest beer blog? 

Ecliptic Oribter IPA @ Sweet Hereafter

Fun fact about me: I have a vegan diet and lifestyle (can I get anymore PNW? I know I'm gagging as I write this). In search of a vegan meal and local brew, I discovered Sweet Hereafter in Hawthorne. 

I recognized Ecliptic and decided to get the IPA they had on tap. Little did I know the Orbiter was just released that week! What a treat to have a new beer (and they only IPA they make) in the city it was brewed in. As you can see from the picture I downed it before I got a before pic. A few drink in at this point, I didn't take careful notes on it. But I do know that it's made with 4 different "C" hops: Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, and Columbus. And that it was hella good. 

Ecliptic Brewing // Orbiter IPA // Portland, OR // ABV: 7.4 // IBU: 75

Deschutes Brewing Public House 


Deschutes is arguably the most popular brewing company in Oregon (and possibly of the entire PNW). While they are located in Bend, OR they have a popular public house in the Pearl District of Portland. Trying not to go overboard on the IPAs, I got the brewer's choice sampler. The flight included the Bachelor Bitter, the gluten free NWPA, Zarabanda, and the Fire King IRA. The flight of maltiness re-adjusted my hop ridden palate. 

Until we meet again Portland! Preferably sooner than later... now back to the Emerald City.