Astronomy on Tap

Being good friends with an astro-biologist has several perks: access to the University of Washington planetarium, a forced promise to tell me all intel on aliens when he works for NASA, and dope space events that involve beer. Astronomy on Tap is a large organization that started out in New York City and now has events as far away as Chile. I was lucky to find out the April edition of this astro-awesome event was in my backyard at Hilliard's Beer in Ballard, Seattle. 

It's no secret Seattle is a city of nerds but I was shocked by the turn out. The large warehouse that Hilliard's occupies was filled to the brim with a ten minute wait for beer. I wasn't complaining though - all these people are out here to support local beer and hear lectures on space! This is my type of crowd. Hilliard's offered a deal where if you purchased an Astronomy on Tap stein, you got a dollar off all beer during this event and more to come. Needless to say I've got some new kickass glassware. 

I sipped on the house IPA Boombox, and stood among the crowd to hear two talks and participate in astro trivia. Turns out I don't remember anything from Astronomy 101 in college. But I did walk away with new knowledge on how we can potentially travel to the nearest star (Alpha Centauri) in my lifetime through the power of lasers, and how atoms that were formed in the Big Bang still exists within all of us. 


Hilliard's Beer // Boombox IPA // Seattle, WA // 6.5% ABV // 70 IBU

Color: Dark amber and burnt orange

Smell: Bold citrus, herbal, sweet malt.

Taste: Hop bitterness up front but rounded out by rich caramel ESB pale malt. Has a long, lingering finish. 

Overall: I'm no stranger to the Boombox IPA. As I said before, Hilliard's is one of the closest breweries to my apartment. But it's a classic as it takes on the Seattle specific style of IPA, plenty of hops but still balanced heavy and dark from a generous amount of malt. It's a hefty one! 

Astronomy on Tap was introspective, philosophical, and informative, the type of discussion you want to have over a beer. To hear my podcast episode with this astro-biologist friend Jake, head over to my podcast page and share a beer with us. As the Astronomy on Tap motto goes, science is better with beer. Isn't everything?