Ecliptic Capella Porter

Ecliptic Brewing // Capella Porter // Portland, OR // 5.2% ABV 39 IBU

Gold medal winner at the World Beer Cup 2016, Gold medal winner at the Oregon Beer Awards

Ecliptic always has phenomenal brews. I'm usually pretty good at spotting a beer on the draft list that I want immediately. But I had to go taster tray on this one. But the ale that beat out all other was the Capella. 

Color: Dark chocolate brown

Smell: Roasted coffee, dry hops, molasses 

Taste: Unbelievably balanced with dark, rich flavors of coffee and chocolate to the bright and bitter hops. Like drinking a black cold brew... but you know, alcoholic. 

Overall: Incredibly drinkable even in the May sunshine. The cold brew of the craft beer world.