Cloudburst Darkenfloxx

Cloudburst Brewing // Darkenfluxx Imperial Stout // Seattle, WA // 9.1% ABV // 60 IBU

There's something so sweet about getting off work and having a freshly tapped beer after hours. And what's especially sweet is this seasonal hurrah to stouts from the ever-killin'-it Cloudburst Brewing. This may have been the last batch of Darkenfloxx for the year as the brewery has officially tapped out. But when it was brewing, they used hazelnut oil extract to perfect this imperial stout. 

Color: Black with a thick, parchment paper head. 

Smell: Straight-up like a hazelnut latte. 

Taste: A mosaic of flavors that starts with hop bitterness. moves to coffee boldness, then chocolate sweetness and leaves just a bit on nuttiness on the palate. 

Overall: While I would have preferred such a decadent stout in the beginning of Winter, I won't say no to it now. The brewers were generous with the hazelnut oil in the nose, but the taste is well balanced by the hops and coffee from local Lighthouse Roasters. Bottom line - who needs coffee with hazelnut creamer when you have the Darkenfloxx?