Astronomy on Tap

Astronomy on Tap is back! After a couple month break (and the closing of Hilliard's, the former host of Astro on Tap) the star talk meets craft beer event took place at Peddler on a warm August evening. As expected, the Ballard brewery was packed. But with the extensive patio and large projector screen, there wasn't a bad seat in the house. Science and beer lovers alike gathered over food truck grub to listen to engaging talks on the discovery and exploration of exo-planets. 

And if the concept of finding Earth-like planets in other galaxies isn't enough to blow your mind, get a couple beers in and you'll be desperate to ask questions in the Q&A with University of Washington Astronomers. I washed down the astronomical information with Peddler's Earl Grey Kombucha Sour.

Peddler Brewing // Earl Grey Blonde Kombucha Sour // Seattle, WA // 5.5% ABV 12 IBU

Color: Transparent canary yellow

Smell: Earl Grey tea, yeast sourness, fruity fermentation

Taste: Over brewed tea, citrus tartness, yeast funk, but a refreshing finish. 

Overall: A lovely nose and a mellow palate considering the prolific amount of flavor that lightly dances on the tongue. However, they seem to try too much with the name and the packed-in ingredients. Keep it simple with an Earl Grey Sour and nobody would have noticed a difference. And to be honest, a kombucha sour feels like a hispter gimmick. That being said, it is still a great late summer brew and worth a try.