Fremont Dark Heron

For 15 years nerds from all around the Pacific Northwest journey to downtown Seattle to convene and discuss everything from comics to tv fan theories at the Emerald City Comic Con. Fremont Brewing is an official sponsor and beer representative for ECCC, brewing the Dark Heron just for this con. In the spirit of nerds everywhere, Fremont created a superhero of their own to represent this IPA. While I've never delved into the world of superhero comics (more of an RPG nerd myself), the striking visual of a dark heroine gracing the front of a beer was more than enough inspiration to indulge. 

"Our hero, Dark Heron, was exiled from her flock for daring to express herself differently from the rest. Forever banished from the heron fold, Dark Heron vowed to never sacrifice her right of free expression to the tyranny of conformity. Dark Heron stands as a beacon of light and justice, calling to all those who seek to protect the freedom of expression! Dare to be different!"

Dark Heron edit 2.jpg

Fremont Brewing // Dark Heron IPA // Seattle, WA // 6.6% ABV 60 IBU

Color: Light copper.

Smell: Fresh and clean, citrus and pine. 

Taste: Heavy for most of the profile, but has a clean citrus-hop finish. Still, the high dose of malt sits on the palate after each sip. 

Overall: A classic strong Seattle IPA to represent a kick-ass heroine. While it's not exceptionally different, it does represent the expressive brew style of Seattle, an omage I can appreciate.