Vancouver Urban Winery Merlot

While travelling in Vancouver, my best friend and I stopped in to Postmark Brewing which happens to also host Vancouver Urban Winery. This Merlot was apart of the collab series done with Road 13 Vineyards and grown in the Okanagan Valley. 


Vancouver Urban Winery // Merlot // Vancouver, BC // 2014 // 15.9%

Color: Inky, royal purple and deep ruby. 

Smell: Black cherry, currant, slight earthiness, oak. 

Taste: Medium body, cherry, dark ripe fruits, roasty. A good wine to end the night with - or just drink the whole bottle in your hotel room. 

Overall: Merlot may not be my favorite, but I did like the price and the mellow, warm buzz I acquired from it. I've also never had a British Colombia wine before - it was treat. A good winter wine to pair with dark chocolate at the end of a long day.